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The Father of Molecular Gastronomy Whips Up a New Formula

Wired has a new article about my chemical hero Hervé This, “The Father of Molecular Gastronomy Whips Up a New Formula“.

Molecular gastronomy is more than just the chemistry of cooking, think new flavors, new cocktails, stuff done with liquid nitrogen, encapsulation with agarose or alginate.

Many cool things you, too, can try at home. Will you?

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Molecular mixology

molecular mixology

Molecular mixology, the newly coined term for the return of mixing cocktails with much more sophisticated methods than just “mixing”, including e.g. addition of baking powder as a source of “fizz”, is the little brother of molecular gastronomy. This term was first used in 1969 by Nicolas Kurti, but is more recently known through the lips of french scientist Hervé This (more details on the previous link to Wikipedia). This has written an essay about this, detailing some of the scientific/chemical methods used… very enjoyable and interesting to read. A list of books about this topic (and much more) is also available.

(just a quick primer to catch your and my attention. Ⅰ will come back to this in the future!)