Software Request: Spotlight tagger à la

To all the smart Cocoa-coders out there: How about creating a little app for OSX Tiger that provides an interface like the experimental pop for simple creation of spotlight tags for files & folders?!

The major requirements Ⅰ can think of are:

  1. make it easy to summon the window, key-cut, gesture or context menu (or via quicksilver?)
  2. make addition of tags as easy as selecting already existing tags: see or flickr
  3. save a list of previously used tags in a .txt file somewhere for easy editing (also via quicksilver)
  4. When you are done boast to apple about boosting spotlight’s features.

(see Google Groups : 43 Folders for some more ideas/explanations)

Oh, while you are at it – please add iTunes and iPhoto tagging (with the same tags) as well 😉

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  • SWGS
    2005/07/23 - 17:47 | Permalink

    Ⅰ just learned that QuickSilver can add Spotlight Comments to individual files or a group of files. It works very much like you would want. Sure it could get better, I’d like an auto-complete feature, and as of right now if you want to add tags to a file that already has some tags, QuickSilver auto-selects the entire Spotlight Comment, so you have to press right arrow to go to the end of the line.

    As always with QuickSilver it can be difficult to explain these things in words. The name of the action is Spotlight Comment, so just start typing in comment and it will pop up.

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