NMR Solvent peaks

Many nmr solvent peak lists are very useful but not complete. Ⅰ usually just refer to the [J.Org.Chem article by Gottlieb et al.](http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/jo971176v “link to Article’s DOI”) for solvent peaks, the corresponding chemical shifts for water and other commonly used solvents) – but DMF is not on that list as a solvent. A quick googling returned this list:NMR-Lösungsmittel. The introductory text is in German, and translates as:

br = broad signal, ⅿ = fine structure of peaks
*water peaks* depending on concentration and polarity of the dissolved compounds the water peaks may be shifted a bit; temperature differences also influence the chemical shift of water. All 1H-spectra show a broad water peak as a result of atmospheric humidity – usually this peak is neglectable, but in very dilute solutions your integrals may be affected

this is the Google search, resulting in another good table, another one, and many more 😉

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