Flickr Uploading tools for OSX

Ⅰ have tested three uploading tools (besides the web based uploader) for flickr so far:

the flickr uploader from flickr themselves. Rather basic in its functionality, but nevertheless useful.

the iPhoto exporter by connectedflow’s Fraser Speirs. Very cool and very useful — if you use iPhoto. (There are enough reasons not to use it, so…)

and last, but not least:

1001 a very useful tool, that can upload — but does much more than that. It has an integrated “feed subscriber” where you can check out new pics from your friends, contacts or groups – even tag based searches. It also lets you upload your pics to sets and groups (a feature Ⅰ have not seen in any of the other tools), you can easily tag the pictures – very intuitive user interface and functionality.

My favorite one is definitely 1001, followed by the iPhoto exporter. So go grab both and max out your bandwidth!

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