Creating your own social network

Wohoo, first post here for ages now. Nevertheless, it‘s my try to make sense of my projects and focus on some details that might get forgotten otherwise.


What do Ⅰ want to achieve? It‘s a bigger project that Ⅰ don‘t want to go into details, but it‘s closely related to this. In essence: Ⅰ want to create an alternative to facebook for a sub-community of tango dancers. It must be integrated with event management, so it‘s not just a social network, but it must cater to organizers as well as event participants, and their network. Ⅰ am willing to spend some money, but Ⅰ do want full source code for that: my experience with encrypted source code (speak: Thyme calendar) have been mixed: you do get good quality products if you pay for software, but if something happens to the provider (aka he went off the grid), then you are cold out in nowhere. Let‘s hope the code never breaks!

It seems there are a few social networking scripts out there: (overview)

  • Worpress-based:
    • MU, multi-user blogging.
    • buddy press, free, get code, seems limited, and might be much work to get features from WP plugins to really work. basically it‘s more of a multi-user blogging page than anything else.
  • Joomla-based:
    • Jom-Social, € buys full source code/updates/support, has access to many extra plugins and features, contains basic elements: blog, events, groups, privacy, photos.
  • Social Engine
    • many many features, including billing for extra features
    • extensive settings, roles and models
    • self-hosted, full source code
  • phpFox
    • full source code, many plugins/features
  • mooSocial
    • basic feature set, but lesser infrastructure than other tools.
  • Dolphin
  • Elgg

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